What is The Best Hotel Room in Las Vegas?

The Palms Sky Villa - $35,000 a night,
The Palms Sky Villa

Did you know that there are over 140,000 hotel rooms in the Las Vegas Valley? (2016 Total=149,339) – Over 90,000 on the Las Vegas Strip alone! That’s a lot of places to sleep!
So how do you know what hotel room is the best? Here are a few tips on how to pick the best place to sleep and whatever???

It’s your money. It’s Your vacation and It’s Your memories.

  • Find a room that fits your budget
    Vegas has rooms and suites at almost all price ranges. From $50,000 a night suites overlooking the Strip to a $25 a night bed at a hostel.
    Further off the Strip you go, the better the deals, the larger the rooms can be for less money.
    Seasons change and so do the hotel prices. Prices fluctuate daily depending on what’s happening in Las Vegas
  • What part of Las vegas will you spend the most time in
    Downtown/Fremont Street?
    Need to be near the convention center or stadium?
    On the Strip?
    Off the Strip but close to the action?
    Going traveling or touring and it doesn’t matter?
  • Have the amenities you want
    Adult pool?
    Room service?
    No gaming?
    No resort fee?
  • Purpose of Your Trip to Las Vegas
    Hang with the boys for a weekend of sun and fun?
    Special event or occasion?
    Need to impress or just play it cool?
    Room to spread out and relax or just a place to call it a night and sleep?

I know, it sounds complicated, but really it isn’t. You probably already know what and where you want to stand.  These are just some tips to help you get the most out of your Vegas Vacation.   This is Las Vegas, you want it, we got it. You dream it, we can make it happen! If this is your first time or your 90th time, every time can be an adventure filled with great memories.  So don’t skimp on the details!


Photo Credit: Palms Casino Resort
The Sky Villa. Formerly known as the Playboy Suite
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